Veronica Campbell-Brown

VCB_mugCountry: Jamaica
DOB: 5/15/1982
Club: Unattached
Events: 100m, 200m
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 134 lb
Personal Best(s): 60m – 7.00 (Doha); 100m – 10.76 (Ostrava, 2011); 200m – 21.74 (Beijing, 2008)

A high-ranking queen of Jamaica’s sprinting, VCB fears no-one on the track and is the target of all and sundry in her league. For eight years, a 200m ding-dong battle raged between VCB and Allyson Felix of the US, with VCB taking two Olympic crowns and Felix, three World crowns with the exception of 2011, which was won by the venerable VCB.

The 31-year-old media diplomat and no-nonsense sprinter has been known to be most dangerous when she comes up against a competitor who had already defeated her, and she doesn’t just go away if she makes a mistake and loses. A classic example of this scenario was the 2011 World Championships in Daegu. Having lost the 100m to USA’s Carmelita Jeter, VCB returned to avenge Jeter’s defeat in the 200m final to clinch her first World 200m title. In that race, she was out the blocks with her renowned quick 200m start aimed at covering the field before hitting the home-stretch. This time the American powerhouse Jeter caught VCB coming off the curve, but the latter held her form and composure to secure the win. She turned the tables on Jeter and defeated her main rival Felix in the process.

Although not known for the most elegant running style, VCB is a quiet force to be reckoned with. Despite her experience, focus and competitive spirit, she has shown that she, too, makes mistakes, such as her race at the 2005 the World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. The world watched as she spiraled out of her lane 7 into lane 8 briefly while she stormed the curve in the 200m final.

Her years of experience has made her adept at knowing just what to do if she’s left behind at the blocks, even when the distance is less than 100 meters. As VCB began sharpening her start early in the 2012 season, the half-lap guru first took the 50m race at the New York US Track and Field meet in January and came from behind to win the 60m at the Istanbul World Indoor Championships in March. Her track resume shows she wears a target on her back as big as her accomplishments in all three short sprints.


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